Sneaky Ninja’s going to GDC 2016 in the Indie MEGABOOTH! (And beta news!)


Awesome news! We were lucky enough to be selected by the Indie MEGABOOTH to showcase Sneaky Ninja for all to see at GDC (Game Developer’s Conference) in San Francisco, CA. We’ll be spending the week from March 14th-18th with a lovely bunch of other indies, showing Sneaky Ninja to a whole new set of eyes which perhaps haven’t seen it yet — the eyes of the press, of course!

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New Year’s Progress! (The Difficulty of Difficulty Modes)

Just a little bit late, but Happy New Year everyone! Welcome to the Year of the Ninja!

We’ve been too busy to say much over the holidays — we started 2016 with a bang at the Young Innovator’s Fair in Pennsylvania on January 2nd and 3rd, where hundreds of kids played Sneaky Ninja for the first time.

This was easily the most amount of feedback we’ve ever gotten from younger players, since most events we go to are filled with more experienced gamers. One thing we’ve tried to focus on is accommodating players of all skill ranges with our different difficulty modes (Easy, Normal, Hard, and Very Hard), so we relished the opportunity to get all this valuable data about Easy mode and how it could be improved to be better suited towards its intended audience. Designing difficulties can be very, well, difficult — as very experienced gamers ourselves, we realized that we simply made it too hard for most kids!

So how did we fix that?

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Alpha Update: New Lighting, Equipment Wheel, and Controller Aiming

Today we have a small update for you about a few of the gameplay changes we’ve been making to Sneaky Ninja based on feedback from our alpha players and people from local events and conventions. Some of these have had a pretty big impact on the way people play, which goes to show the power feedback can have on a game’s development! For those of you who’ve played the alpha but never gave us any feedback, take note: these are the kinds of improvements that can happen when you tell us what you don’t like!

(Also, all of these changes went live in an update yesterday, so alpha players should already have all of this in their game!)

First up is a new way of lighting the scene. Before, light from torches would illuminate the environment, but it was a little hard to tell before because you’d have to look at the ground and the way it was being lit up, which no one would take the time to do, and we can’t blame them for not doing it — who would? So here’s what it looks like now:

Now, you can see a very visible boundary between light and shadow, which we’ve noticed has a significant effect on players: nobody wants to walk into the light anymore! That’s actually a very good thing to us. One of the difficult things about designing a stealth game is to convince people to play stealthily instead of just running through it like an action game. Before, people would eventually realize that running through doesn’t work, but only after dying ten times in a row and us telling them to try something else. Now, they naturally feel safer in shadows and less safe in the light, leading them to more quickly play the proper way.

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Spooky Sneak Peek and a Happy Halloween!

Hope you’re enjoying the spookiest time of the year! Our ninjas sure are, dressing up and carving some pumpkins with their big ghostie friend. He couldn’t help though — he has an unfortunate condition where he exists outside our physical realm. Poor guy.

In the spirit of Halloween, here’s a peak at a spooky new level in Sneaky Ninja… Stranded on a haunted island, you have to use your lantern to ward off ghosts who’d like to make your visit a little more… permanent.

Poor Taro… He can’t keep his hands from shaking!

This is one of the more unique levels in the game! For once, no amount of sneaking can help you — you’re the one being hunted, and they always know where you are. Your lantern is your only defense against these ghouls. Hopefully you escape before you run out of oil… *insert maniacal laughter*

Have a happy Halloween!

Development Update, and a Whole New World!

Hey everyone!

Sorry again that it’s been a while, but it’s tough to show works-in-progress before we feel they’re ready. This time though we have a brand new environment type to show! In the future, we plan to use the secret development board on our forums much more to give sneak peaks to this stuff instead of dumping it on you all at once, so if you want to see what we’re doing before everyone else does, be sure to subscribe to the forum to get notifications on those! (If you qualified for the secret forum access from the Kickstarter and you never used it, send us an email and we’ll hook you up!)

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Post-Alpha Update: Tutorial, Ranking, Stats, More Non-Lethal Options, and More!

Here’s the real update we promised!

Two reminders before we get started:

1) If your reward tier is eligible for Sneaky Ninja’s alpha and you haven’t received an email, please contact us! A couple people reported that it went to their spam filter, but they caught it in time before it was deleted. We can easily resend it but you have to let us know first!

2) If your reward tier is eligible for any of the community design streams and you want to participate in those, please also contact us! We want to get those started but we need to know when the best time for everyone is so we can have the maximum amount of people attend. We also have some people posting their ideas on the secret design forums, but we want more of you to be there too! Email us and we can grant you access!

Now with that out of the way, let’s get down to it!

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More New Items and Preordering!

We’re back again with this week’s update as promised! Today we have three new tidbits to share, but first, some news: Sneaky Ninja is now able to preordered from our site! 


We’ve been asked about this a few times from people who missed out on pledging, so now they have the chance to not only preorder the game but also get in on some of the rewards from Kickstarter! We also added the option for upgrades for those of you who already backed, if you don’t wanna miss out on some of the cooler rewards you didn’t get before (like the Alpha, which should launch within the next week or two!). And for the super generous of you… there’s also a donate button!

Now onto the updates!

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May Update (New items and such, and incoming Alpha!)

Hey guys! Sorry for the silence, it’s really easy to get lost in development and forget to share what’s going on once in a while! We’re hoping to change that starting now, though, with at least one small update every week if we can.

Just a heads-up to our backers: hopefully everyone received emails from Kickstarter about filling out surveys and receiving your rewards, since I’ve been told from a couple people that it ended up in their spam folder. If you haven’t received one and can’t find it in your spam folder (since it may have been deleted by now), let us know and we’ll get you all the info you need to know!

We’re still waiting on responses from a number of backers about their rewards, including becoming an NPC or a playable skin and the three design streams. We want to pick a date to start the streams soon, but we need to base it around your availability, so please get back to us soon!  

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