Sneaky Ninja Kickstarter Update #13: Friend Features – Sending Items, Magical Blessings, and Challenges

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Over 100 backers! And two weeks left!!

A big big big thank you to everyone who’s brought us this far! We’re almost out of the dreaded mid-campaign slump where everything slows down, so now it’s time to kick things into overdrive to make sure we get funded! We’ll be appearing at a few local indie game events to reach as many new faces as we can, but you can get in on the word-spreading fun!Keep sharing with your friends and bugging them until they donate or share too! We’re in a decent place so far, but these last two weeks are absolutely vital to Sneaky Ninja’s success.Every bit of help is appreciated, no matter how small! 

And now, with that out of the way, let’s talk about…

This is another stretch goal that we’ll be trying to implement either way — we had been calling it “Social Features” everywhere else, but that tends to give people the wrong idea. We’re not trying to link to your Facebook account and post status updates about how many Samurai you snuck passed — we want to add social functionality where it actually matters: the gameplay!

mailbox4Here’s the mailbox, located in the hub, which will be your go-to place for all your friendly interaction needs. You’ll be able to communicate with your other friends who play Sneaky Ninja, or maybe even send something out randomly to brighten up a stranger’s day! Here’s a few different kinds of interaction we’re thinking about:

  • You’ve Got Mail!
    You can send letters to each other with items, coins, or accessories attached, to lend a helping hand or maybe share some rare loot you found!
  • How Fortunate! A fortune teller in the hub can cast a one-use magical spell on you, like restoring your health when you lose all your hearts in a level, or turning you invisible right as you were about to get caught. You can also have one cast on a friend! They won’t know you did it until it saves them in a pinch, and they’ll have a “you’re welcome” letter waiting for them when they get back!
  • A Challenger Approaches!
    Send different kinds of challenges to your friends, like speedrunning a level as fast as you can or slipping through a difficult level unseen. Feeling extra competitive? Wager some coins and rake it in when your friend can’t match your skills!
  • And More…
    We have a few other ideas that we’re a bit less ready to commit too, but it would be awesome to tackle them and see if we can do it. Like sharing replays of yourself completing a level, maybe — who knows?

And that’s all for now!

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