Chapter 6: The Samurai Village, plus Development Update

Hello again!

Work on finishing Sneaky Ninja has been progressing slowly but surely since the last update. Slower than expected, to be honest — being married now brings a whole slew of brand new time management problems I’m still adapting to (sorry dear!) — but progressing nonetheless. I’m really sorry to say I don’t have a solid release date yet, it really seriously honestly is around the corner… but unfortunately, objects in the game-dev-view mirror are always closer than they appear. It’s really shaping up great though, so hopefully you’ll agree that it was worth the extra time once it’s in your hands!

Since the last Kickstarter update, I’ve shared the first clips of a later level on our Facebook and Twitter, so as always, be sure to follow those if you want to see sneak peeks as soon as they’re up!

For those of you who haven’t seen them, here’s your first look at…

This chapter sees you infiltrating the Samurai kingdom, making your way through enemy villages where towering pagodas and bustling marketplaces add new spins to your sneaky adventure!

Deep in enemy territory, Taro runs over rooftops and bounces on strings of lanterns to avoid the patrolling guards. If the rooftop is too heavily guarded, you can sneak indoors for an alternate route — stay tuned for a clip of that next time!

Taking in the village scenery. It’s peaceful when Samurai aren’t trying to kill you!

Here we get into two of the big gameplay changes introduced by the crowded markets (slightly inspired by Assassin’s Creed’s unique “social stealth” mechanics!) affecting two of the most crucial aspects of stealth: sound and vision.

The loud murmur of the crowds drowns out any sound made by a scheming ninja; even on the highest difficulty, enemies won’t be able to hear you walking, landing, or even running, whether you’re ten feet away or right behind them! Use that to your advantage to cover ground quickly.

With all this commotion going on, it’s easy to lose a face in the crowd. Standing among groups of villagers provides excellent cover as patrolling guards stroll right by. Be careful, though: normally you can safely sneak attack any Samurai by pulling them into your hiding spot, but don’t forget that this IS a Samurai village — they’ll stick up for their guards once they know what you’re up to. They’ll break up any attempt at a sneak attack they see, and once they’re alarmed, you won’t be able to get away by slipping back into the crowd.

Use your advantages well, because once you slip up, you might not get another chance! (on Grandmaster mode, at least… that junk’s brutal, man)



In August, we brought Sneaky Ninja down to Super Smash Con for the third year in a row — perfect record of 3 out of 3! It was an absolute blast as always, and the reception was great. We got a ton of valuable feedback for tweaking the game, and we defended Sneaky Ninja’s honor (and its discounts and free codes, too) in a Smash setup right at our booth, which was a weekend-long rollercoaster of pain and glory. I gotta start training for next year’s runbacks!

So there’s the update roundup since last time. More is definitely coming soon, so stay tuned to Facebook and Twitter to see it as soon as it’s up. I really really really want to have release news soon, but I also don’t want to promise any more dates just yet. Talk to you again soon!

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