May Update (New items and such, and incoming Alpha!)

Hey guys! Sorry for the silence, it’s really easy to get lost in development and forget to share what’s going on once in a while! We’re hoping to change that starting now, though, with at least one small update every week if we can.

Just a heads-up to our backers: hopefully everyone received emails from Kickstarter about filling out surveys and receiving your rewards, since I’ve been told from a couple people that it ended up in their spam folder. If you haven’t received one and can’t find it in your spam folder (since it may have been deleted by now), let us know and we’ll get you all the info you need to know!

We’re still waiting on responses from a number of backers about their rewards, including becoming an NPC or a playable skin and the three design streams. We want to pick a date to start the streams soon, but we need to base it around your availability, so please get back to us soon!  

And we’ve also got the Alpha coming up! We’re aiming for sometime next week, if everything goes smoothly. It’s going to be an early rough form of the game no matter what, but we’re hoping to make it as not-rough as possible! We’ll let you know more when we get closer to then.

Anyway, to make up for our silence, here’s a couple small updates all at once! (There’s another one on the secret development blog, too! Check your reward instructions if you want to get access to it!)



The kunai is a classic ninja weapon. It has two uses here, being thrown as a projectile and also used as a short-range melee weapon. This makes them very versatile and an excellent choice for your arsenal! Because it’s so good, though, you won’t be able to carry as many as your trusty shuriken.

We reworked the sticky bomb we’ve shown before into a stun mine! This is a nonlethal weapon that knocks any samurai it hits out cold. It still sticks to any surface it touches, but instead of automatically detonating when enemies come by, now you have to trigger it yourself, allowing you to pick the perfect moment to blow it up. Enemies won’t notice when it sticks to them, by the way — stick a mine to one samurai and wait for him to walk near his buddies for stunning results! (And since the sticky bomb is gone, that leaves a gap in the explosives category… Stay tuned!)

Along with the stun mine, we wanted to add more ways for players to take out enemies nonlethaly. So in addition to the stealth takedown we’ve always had, you know have the option for a stealth knockout! Hold down the button for a few seconds to put enemies down for a nap.

Previously, when being chased by a sword-wielding enemy and you reached an area they couldn’t (like climbing vines or ivy), they would just give up because there was nothing they could do to reach you. Now they can pick up rocks and pelt you with them from a distance! This doesn’t do any damage, but it can knock you off of whatever you’re climbing and lead to a one-way trip to a bottomless pit if you aren’t careful!

That’s all for now! I promise we’ll be updating more often from now on!

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