More Environments and a Sneak Peek at World 2 (72 HOURS LEFT!!)

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Dawn of the First Day

- 72 Hours Remain -

This is it guys, the final 3 days! We’re so close to our goal, we just need one last big push to reach it! If you want to see this game happen, please help spread the word and tell your friends about it! Anyone you know who likes games, well have we got a game for them — but we need your help and theirs to make it happen, we really can’t do it without you! Especially all you Nintendo fans out there, we need your help making the Wii U release a reality!

Now onto our update!

Ta-daaa! This is our first-ever sneak peek of the second world in Sneaky Ninja, the Plains.Once you escape the Forest of world 1, you enter a wide open field of rolling hills and farmland for world 2. With a different environment comes different mechanics too, like hiding in haystacks and scarecrows, taking cover with a grazing group of cows and pigs for a mobile hiding spot, or spooking an animal to use their sounds as a distraction!

And we can also post a work-in-progress sample of the music for the Plains, which emphasizes the scale of the new world and the feeling of freedom from escaping the confines of the dark forest. Have a listen!

It takes a lot of work to create a new environment, including all of the art assets, the newgameplay mechanics, the music, and anything else that might come with it (new characters, bosses, items, etc). Even so, we didn’t want to just settle for one environment per world! Having more unique environments in each world is a stretch goal which as always we’ll try our hardest to do whether we hit the goal or not. The Plains is the “base” environment of World 2, but we have a few other sub-environments planned that fit within the overall theme but offer up a totally distinct gameplay experience. The more environments we can fit in, the more diverse the game’s experience will be, and the more awesome the world of Sneaky Ninja becomes!

That’s all for today! Come back tomorrow for another big sneak peek — and make sure to tell your friends!

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