More New Items and Preordering!

We’re back again with this week’s update as promised! Today we have three new tidbits to share, but first, some news: Sneaky Ninja is now able to preordered from our site! 


We’ve been asked about this a few times from people who missed out on pledging, so now they have the chance to not only preorder the game but also get in on some of the rewards from Kickstarter! We also added the option for upgrades for those of you who already backed, if you don’t wanna miss out on some of the cooler rewards you didn’t get before (like the Alpha, which should launch within the next week or two!). And for the super generous of you… there’s also a donate button!

Now onto the updates!

This is something we’ve wanted to do for a while now to give a tiny bit more personality to the game: we replaced the generic health potion with each character’s favorite food to restore their health. Taro munches on a riceball, Kaida scarfs down a bowl of noodles, Miyu delicately consumes some sushi, and Shoji sips a refreshing cup of tea. And look how happy they are!


Like we hinted at last update, we have a new explosive weapon, the landmine, to fill in the gap left by the sticky bomb turning into a nonlethal stun mine. This has one of the features that the sticky bomb use to have — triggering automatically when on enemy steps on it! It has a similarly big blast radius to the regular bomb, so a well-placed landmine can take out several enemies at once.

The downsides are that you can only place it at your feet, and there’s a short planting animation which makes it slightly slower to use.

And now for our awesomest new ability: the sword quickdraw! Watch it in action: while charging the attack, Kaida slowly reaches for her blade, and then dashes forward when you let go, cutting down everything in her path! They take damage after a short pause, for dramatic effect, of course.It won’t be too overpowered, though — it takes a little while to charge, restricts your movement while charging, has significant cooldown at the end of it, and of course, won’t work on an aware enemy who’s staring right at you. But still, awesome!

That’s all we’ve got to share today. We’ll have more details on the Alpha soon — sorry for the delay, we’re just trying to make it as smooth an experience as possible, with things like full controller support and rebindable keys, and as many of the bugs ironed out as possible. We’re getting there though, thanks for your patience!

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