Sneaky Ninja Kickstarter Update #21: The World Map (And 4 DAYS LEFT!!)

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Phew, it’s been a big week so far, but hopefully it gets even bigger! We’re at 77% right now and the campaign ends this Thursday, March 12th, at noon, leaving us with 4 days to reach our goal. We’re way closer than we were a week ago so we’re confident we can make it! But we need your help spreading the word so more people can enter the wonderful world of Sneaky Ninja before it’s too late!

Now onto the update:

For demo purposes we’ve been stuck with a plain old level select screen, but where’s the fun in that? Where’s the adventure? Having a proper world map to show the journey across the lands from level to level is something we’ve always wanted to do and would add a lot to thefeeling of progression throughout the game. We have it listed as a stretch goal, but as always we’ll try our hardest to get it in the game either way.

As for how it would work, picture the style of Super Mario World (and more recently, New Super Mario Bros. U). The entire world of the game will be on one seamless map, transitioning across different environments as you progress, and branching paths will allow you to choose which level you play next. Certain levels will have multiple exits that open up different paths, including some secret ones that will open hidden levels and paths that don’t even show up on the map!

What do you think, sounds a lot better than a plain old level select screen, huh?

Reminder: 24 Hour Livestream!

Starting this Wednesday at noon, we’ll be doing a 24 hour livestream where we demo Sneaky Ninja, talk with fans, play games and more! Join our Facebook event for more details and to get a reminder when we’re about to start!

Also, thanks to everyone who played Sneaky Ninja in person the past few days, including a real life ninja who gave us his stamp of approval:

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