Sneaky Ninja SMASH! Challenge Us in Smash Bros. for a Chance to Win Prizes! (Now open for non-backers!)


Check out the Kickstarter here!

We have less than 48 HOURS LEFT and we’re 92% FUNDED! We need to hit our goal to be able to release on the Wii U, and we need the support of Nintendo fans to make it happen! Please help us out!

Update: We’ll be streaming Smash fights during our 24 hour livestream on the last day of the Kickstarter! Join us at for live battles and prizes! Follow the normal entrance rules below to fight us on stream (Wii U only, unfortunately).

Attention Sneaky Ninja fans! Think you’re good at Super Smash Bros.? Challenge the Sneaky Ninja developers online and see how you stack up for a chance to get your name in a special section of the credits AND automatically bump up your reward tier in the Kickstarter!

We’ve now opened the challenge to non-backers as well! Even if you haven’t donated yet, you can get a virtual “coupon” of sorts that will make sure you get your name in the credits and your reward tier bumped up if you donate later!

We’ve restructured the way the contest works, since previously there was a pretty huge skill gap between Round 1 and Round 2. It’s now divided into 3 Levels and you can choose which one to enter, instead of starting from the bottom and moving up to the top. Our poor Level 1 Lou was getting a little tired of being steamrolled by people on their way to fight me! If you start at Level 1 or 2, you can move up to the next level if you win for a shot at more prizes!

Level 1 (Easy – Wii U)

You’ll be up against Lou, on the Wii U. Don’t worry, he’s a pushovers! If you win against one him, you’ll get your name in Sneaky Ninja’s credits as a “Bronze Ninja Warrior” and you move up to Level 2!

Level 2 (Medium – 3DS)

You’ll be up against James, on the 3DS. He’s a big step up from Lou, so be prepared for a fight! If you win against him, you’ll get your name in Sneaky Ninja’s credits as a “Silver Ninja Warrior”, and you’ll automatically be bumped up to the next reward tier (for example, the $15 tier will be bumped up to $20). And you move up to Level 3!

Level 3 (Hard – 3DS or Wii U)

You get a chance to play against the final boss — me! Not to brag, but I’ll be a tougher fight than the first two, and if you can defeat me you’ll get your name in the credits as “Golden Ninja Warrior” and your initial reward tier will be DOUBLED! (So a $15 tier will be bumped up to $30!)

 The Rules

The rules of the match will be For Glory online rules: 2 lives, Omega versions of all stages, no items, and no custom moves. And it’ll be best 2 out of 3!

Here’s how to enter:

Email with the title “Sneaky Ninja Smash”, and include your name (the one you backed the Kickstarter with!), which Level you’d like to start on (unfortunately, Lou only has a Wii U and James only has a 3DS, so those levels are limited to those systems!), and your Friend Code (if 3DS) or your NNID (if Wii U). We’ll add you as soon as possible, then get back to you to see if you’re ready, and then the games begin!

This challenge will remain open for the rest of the Kickstarter, until March 12th (only 8 days left!). We’ll see you online!

(Additional rules: players must have backed at Ninja Tier ($10) or above to be eligible for bumping up their tier!)

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