Sneaky Ninja update – Chapter 5: Shiro Peaks!

A little bit late, but here’s a detailed look at the other new chapter we recently introduced…

(My usual gif solution apparently doesn’t work the same way anymore, so I had to use something a bit choppier. :( I’ll try to figure something better out for next time!)



Shiro Peaks is as pretty as it is cold! Mostly just cold though.
Shiro Peaks is as pretty as it is cold! Mostly just cold though.


Some of your options for hiding in this chapter include evergreen trees, piles of snow, and snowmen! These all function like the cover you’ve seen before in other chapters, allowing you to hide from enemies and pull in unsuspecting bystanders, and snowmen are also bouncy to give you some extra height.



This chapter’s version of tall grass is, you guessed it, a pile of snow! But there’s also something unique about it: you can give it a little shove to send it falling down onto the head of a samurai, knocking them out!


Icicles work like the stalactites in the mines of Chapter 4. You can grab onto them and jump across, hide behind them, or make them crash down as a distraction or as a direct attack!



And here’s the big mechanic of the chapter: blizzards! Certain levels will be noticeably less peaceful than the normal snowfall as a fierce blizzard freezes any ninja slow enough to get caught in it for too long. Hearts will appear above your head to indicate how frozen you are — better get warm by a torch before it fills up!

(How quickly you freeze depends on the difficulty you’re playing on; the above GIF is on Normal mode, but you’ll have to move more quickly when playing on Hard and Very Hard if you want to avoid an icy fate!)

The blizzards also decrease enemy vision, so you can get very close to them before they can see you. (The distance also changes based on difficulty!) This way, you can focus more on getting to the next torch than playing as carefully as you normally would have to.

You’ll also be able to take cover in trees and piles of snow to warm up a little bit — “piles of snow keep you warm?!” you ask? It shields you from the freezing winds, that’s my scientific explanation and I’m sticking to it!

Oh, and that icy fate I mentioned?

That’s just cold.

And that’s Chapter 5!

Apologies in advance if the next update isn’t for a while — I’m finally getting close to the end of development, and this is the part where I put my head down and work for 30 hours a day and my family files a missing person’s report. But when I emerge, the game will finally be in your hands! … Hopefully!

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