Sneaky Ninja – What is it?

Sneaky Ninja is a 2D stealth platformer — think Mario, but with ninjas! It combines the lighthearted platforming fun of Mario with the strategic stealth action of games like Mark of the Ninja. After successfully getting Greenlit on Steam and funded on Kickstarter, we plan to release Sneaky Ninja for Steam and Wii U in 2016!

Just like Mario, you can jump on your enemies heads to defeat them – but you’re also equipped with an arsenal of tools and magic powers to help you fight from the shadows or stay hidden in them!

As one of the four playable characters, you’ll be able to utilize a variety of moves like a double jump, sliding down walls, walljumping, grabbing into ledges, and more. Use weapons like shuriken, arrows, bombs, sleeping darts, smokebombs, and many more, each with their own unique use, allowing you to bring along the equipment that best suits your playstyle.

Rounding out your arsenal are magic powers – powerful abilities that require stealth energy to use, which is gained by performing stealthy actions and lost by being a bumbling ninja school dropout. With enough energy, you can extinguish torches from afarteleport through solid walls, and even slow down time to a screeching halt!

Sneaky Ninja is available for preorder through our site, where you can also get your hands on some Kickstarter rewards like alpha and beta access or turning yourself into a ninja to appear in the game!

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