Sneaky Ninja’s going to GDC 2016 in the Indie MEGABOOTH! (And beta news!)


Awesome news! We were lucky enough to be selected by the Indie MEGABOOTH to showcase Sneaky Ninja for all to see at GDC (Game Developer’s Conference) in San Francisco, CA. We’ll be spending the week from¬†March 14th-18th with a lovely bunch of other indies, showing Sneaky Ninja to a whole new set of eyes which perhaps haven’t seen it yet — the eyes of the press, of course!

This could be really big for us, so we’ll be working overtime to make sure the game’s in top shape for the event. Coincidentally, our plan before all this happened was to release the beta for Kickstarter backers on March 13th, the anniversary of our Kickstarter’s success, so we were pretty much getting ready for GDC without even knowing it! The actual beta release may have to wait until after we come home, depending on how much time we have in the mad rush to get everything done, but it won’t be a long wait if there is one.

The beta, as originally discussed, will feature a handful of levels from most of the worlds in the game. We’re sitting in two new worlds that we haven’t shown much (which we’ll do soon!) and we have one more to get ready for the beta. We’ve also been working more on the Wii U version to get that stable and ready to share with our friends at Nintendo!

So yeah, we’ve had a lot going on behind the scenes and we’ve got a lot of work up ahead, but it’s sure to be an exciting time for us! We’ll hopefully be able to share some more of what we’ve been up to soon.

Onwards to GDC!

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