Spooky Sneak Peek and a Happy Halloween!

Hope you’re enjoying the spookiest time of the year! Our ninjas sure are, dressing up and carving some pumpkins with their big ghostie friend. He couldn’t help though — he has an unfortunate condition where he exists outside our physical realm. Poor guy.

In the spirit of Halloween, here’s a peak at a spooky new level in Sneaky Ninja… Stranded on a haunted island, you have to use your lantern to ward off ghosts who’d like to make your visit a little more… permanent.

Poor Taro… He can’t keep his hands from shaking!

This is one of the more unique levels in the game! For once, no amount of sneaking can help you — you’re the one being hunted, and they always know where you are. Your lantern is your only defense against these ghouls. Hopefully you escape before you run out of oil… *insert maniacal laughter*

Have a happy Halloween!

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